Software Design

PLC Software
All software is written and fully tested to comply with a client specification. All PLC programs are written using the latest methodologies wherever possible, structured into easily understood blocks and fully annotated with all mnemonics and descriptive comments in English.

Also, where practical, as part of our PLC software tests, we run a computer simulation program that can simulate the plant by reading the outputs and setting on the relevant inputs. Analogue inputs can be made to ramp up/down to simulate in-plant device activity. This ensures that a major part of the software can be proven before site commissioning commences. Any of the above tests can be witnessed by a client if required.

Computer Software
We have experience in all types of software design ranging from PLC programming and testing tools through to SCADA software and bespoke Windows applications.

We offer a wide range of standard products, many of which we have developed ourselves. We have sold over 2000 of our PLC programming and support tools world wide and continue to enhance and add to our range of tools for those working in the PLC and automation market.