News - Still running an old GEM80?

We have many clients still running 20 year old GEM80's. But Nothing lasts forever!

If you have an older model GEM80, with or without Imagem graphics, you may be wondering what the future holds and whether to keep limping along, replace the complete system or pretend everything will be fine.

You may think that the GEM80 range is finished and it's time to try something new but you do have a choice.

You have made a significant investment in your GEM80 software so why not simply upgrade your GEM80 to the latest 500 series.

The GEM80-500 is designed to offer a low cost upgrade path for simple or medium complexity applications where the controller can use all your existing GEM80 basic or verification I/O modules.

For more complex applications with Starnet or Imagem for example, it's still possible to upgrade with a little more wor. You may want to upgrade your Imagem to the latest SCADA system, if so we have experience of all the major SCADA systems, you may want Ethernet communications, this is available by a simple plug-in module.


  • Upgrade previous generation of GEM80 with a single low cost unit.
  • Integral power supply.
  • No special subrack required.
  • Reduce costs by retaining your existing I/O structure and cabling.
  • Retain your investment in your existing GEM80 application software.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available to you.

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