Advanced GEM80 Programmer v3.50 released!
As part of our ongoing development program, v3.5 of the Advanced GEM80 Programmer (AGP) has just been released.

The highly successful AGP was originally launched in late 2002 and has proved to be a popular tool for the many GEM80 users around the world. This new version has a number of new features aimed at making it easier to maintain your existing GEM80 code base.

More information on the AGP can be found in our Products section.

Version 3.5 of the AGP is now only available in the Developer Pro version, no further work will be done on previous versions, however, we will still continue to provide telephone support.

New Web site launched
The Advanced Technical Software web site has been completely redesigned to make it easier to find information. ATS have had a presence on the Internet since 1999 and aim to continue to keep their customers, both existing and new, informed as to what is going on at ATS.

Still running an old GEM80?
You may think that the GEM80 range is finished and it's time to try something new, but you do have a choice, so don't just throw away your significant investment in your existing GEM80 software.    read more